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Activities to Promote Our Goal:


*  Preserve, record and catalogue the unique history of black people in this

    region of Anne Arundel County

              *  Compile, write and publish their story based on largely oral tradition

              *  Collect and conserve photographs and artifacts

              *  Create exhibitions that colorfully and compellingly portray this history

                 through visual and audible aids

*  Assist The Irene Butler Hebron Historic Preservation Group (IBHHPG), now organized as the Northern Arundel Cultural       0    Preservation Society, in exhibiting its collection

*  Identify a permanent location for the NACPS exhibition

*  Mark historical sites

*  Record and research the local Rosenwald schools and show their                                    

    importance to education for Blacks

              * Establish a record of the leadership our youth and teachers contributed

                  to integrating the local public schools following Brown vs Board of Education

*  Recognize our participation in the 1963 March on Washington and other 

    civil rights milestones

*  Pursue the naming of parks, buildings, roads, etc to recognize the    

    achievement of black leaders

*  Commemorate black achievement

*  Involve youth in preserving and recognizing our heritage

*  Establish a fund-raising program and identify sponsor resources to help

    finance our activities

*  Develop and launch a Web site

*  Preserve and restore buildings and real estate including cemeteries

*  Establish and award scholarships, fellowships and grants

*  Trace and record genealogy of local black families

*  Serve as an inspiration for professional and economic success of our youth

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