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Trails Tracks Tarmac exhibition “grew out of an interaction between a trained professional artist and a group of individuals who discovered their unique power of creative expression.”


This project tangibly represents the work of 100+ individuals, 7 churches,

7 community enclaves and 13 schools, and it continually benefits from active community support.  The exhibition documents, visuals and voices include:


  • 25 Documentary Story Quilts (Made by community members)

  • A mural of community life from 1850 to the Present, by Artist Cisco Davis

  • Photographs dating back to the early 1900’s

  • DVDs and transcripts of Nonagenarians, integration pioneers and sports heroes

  • Land deeds dating back to 1850

  • Manumission (freedom) Papers & Amelung Bowl (circa 1790)

  • Railroad items from the Baltimore & Ohio, and Pennsylvania lines

  • Early 1900s church and school records

  • Farm items and “Picker’s Checks” c 1875 – (farmhand currency)

  • Arabber wagon c1945 – “grocery store on wheels”...

  • Sports memorabilia

  • Nicholas Matthews and James Spencer articles (A.A. Co. History Notes)

  • Laurel article on Nancy Matthews Daniels

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