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NACPS proudly provides


Annual “Ladies, Hats and Tea”, a historical program that offers examples and information about the past, in the current perspective.  Program themes have included – “Changing Perspectives on Ladies & Hats,”, “Legacies of Passion, Pride and Peace,” “ Emancipated Women,” “Stout-hearted Men.” and "A Tribute To Irene Butler Hebron", our visionary historian.


Partnership with the Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center – developed and maintained a five-year “Trails, Tracks, Tarmac” exhibition of story quilts and artifacts in their facility. Provided programming to promote the exhibition, developed a volunteer tour guide system, procured grant funds, and installed a permanent hanging system in their facility. Supported quilt workshops held in the Legacy Center and other historic sites. The partnership continues, producing ongoing joint exhibitions and programming.


 “Trails, Tracks, Tarmac” – two books are published, “Trails, Tracks, Tarmac: African American Narrative Quilts from Anne Arundel County, Maryland” and “Trails, Tracks, Tarmac: Lives of African Americans in the History and Culture of Northern Anne Arundel County, 1850 to Present,”, the narrative displayed in quilts and the narrative in story form, respectively.”. These community stories are narrated pictorially in quilts made or inspired by Dr. Joan Gaither, Artist and Story Quilter. Also, an 8 x 16 foot mural by Artist, Cisco Davis depicts the multi-dimensional community history using images that depict past and present life in Northern Anne Arundel County.


Voices Of Legacy – news column in The Maryland Gazette that provides accounts of churches, community events, families, individuals, historical schools and historical programs that inform the community about legacies with influencing culture in Northern Anne Arundel County.


            Recent Programs: 

            Sports Legends Roundtable at Chesapeake Arts Center in Brooklyn Park, MD

            Small exhibition and roundtable sessions at O’Malley Senior Center in Odenton. MD

            ramatic community history presentation for incoming teachers to Freetown ES

            Partnered in efforts to have three Historic Markers installed for Rosenwald Schools

            Partnered in hosting a Black Saga bond competition for youth and adults

            Partnered in planning and celebrating the 150th MD Emancipation Week

            Partnered in making the MD Emancipation Quilt and hosting the reception for 200+ attendees at Bates Legacy Center

Produced/directed  an enriched “Emancipated Revisited Lest We Forget” drama at the Chesapeake Arts Center in February 2016.


It included US Colored Troops, a Singing/Playing Band. dramatic highlights of noted women pioneers, and showcased three young dancers from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in October 2015, who "wowed" the audience of 740+ attendees.

Major support to the production of the Ruth Starr Rose Exhibition that premiered at The Reginald F. Lewis Museum in Baltimore in October 2015, continued to Eastern Shore of MD's Waterfowl Building Gallery in March 2016 and is returning to the St. John's College Mitchell Gallery, in January/February 2016.


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